Nike Blazer honoring Timbuck2 sneak preview

As announced at the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, Nike has committed to creating a shoe to commemorate Timothy Jones, a.k.a. DJ Timbuck2. Being a serious sneaker head, Tim had hundreds of pairs of shoes but the Nike Blazer SB was Tim's shoe of choice. Tim was laid to rest wearing his beloved Blazers and it was only natural that Nike use it as the basis for a tribute to his memory. Nike has made a tradition of creating limited edition shoes revolving around notable individuals, causes and events involved in the community. We are so proud that the folks at Nike felt Tim's impact on Chicago deserved merit. This clip from the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute shows the sneak preview of the shoe and was captured by videographer, Miguel Cisneros. Special thanks to Charles Williams of Nike and Sharreeff Williams of Ten35 for making these shoes a reality. Enjoy the clip and watch for updates on the auction.   

University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center 2018

Photos courtesy of Courtney Colvin, UIC.

On April 11, 2018, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation presented another grant in Tim’s name. This was the second year a check was given to the University of Illinois Cancer Center which is where Tim participated in a clinical trial for his cancer. The fact that these trials and research are not free is often overlooked and the check for $5,000 will help support that research. At the presentation, Bernadette and Ed Jones, Demo Salazar, Rich Lomax and PJ Jones represented the foundation. Accepting for the university were Dr. Robert Winn, Dr. Susan Hong, Davyd Chung, Martha Carlos and Dr. Kareem Watson. Dr. Winn is director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center and a long time critic of the healthcare disparities in underserved communities. As a foundation partner, Dr. Winn spoke at the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute held at the House of Blues in Chicago on Dec. 19, 2017. Surrounded by a bevy of hip-hop celebrities, Dr. Winn engaged the audience with our common message of staying in touch with your health. You can see a portion of his advice and the great reaction to Dr. Winn’s message.

Our organization looks forward to working with Dr. Winn on improving the healthcare disparities in under-served areas and on bridging the gap that prevents research successes from reaching the community. Thank you to the University of Illinois Cancer Center for their hospitality and support. We especially thank all of you who helped make this grant possible.

Dr. Winn's message to you: "Stay Woke"

At the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, we had the privilege to have Dr. Robert Winn address the audience that attended. As those of you who follow us regularly know, Dr. Winn is an award-winning physician and scientist who is the associate vice chancellor for community-based practice and director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. His ideas on medical disparities and lack of inclusion in medical research for underserved urban communities helped us shape the mission of the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Dr. Winn's ability to relate science to every day health served the audience well as he encouraged everyone to "stay woke" to their personal health. He also let them know that the future is now for life saving treatments. Medical breakthroughs that may have saved Tim and many others are coming on line but we need to seek them out. We appreciate Dr. Winn's support of the foundation and hope that you will support his efforts in the community. Click on the links to learn more about his work.  

Rush University Medical Center 2018

Pfanzelter Check Presentation_12.jpg

Thanks to your generous support, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was able to make another donation to the Rush University Medical Center’s Cancer Center.  On March 7, 2018, the foundation presented Nicklas Pfanzelter, MD with a $5,000 check for cancer research. As many of you may remember, Dr. Pfanzelter specializes in Oncology and Hematology at Rush and directed the treatment of Tim’s cancer. His thoughtfulness, resourcefulness and honesty have made him more family than a foundation partner. We are confident he will produce positive outcomes for future patients and pass that knowledge along to others.

Before the presentation, we took time to reminisce about Tim and discuss new breakthroughs in cancer treatment and community healthcare initiatives Rush University Medical Center was involved in. Among the topics were Rush’s participation in West Side United and their efforts to bring CAR T-cell therapy to bear in the fight against cancer. After the presentation, the conversation continued about areas where the foundation could make a difference such as West Side United and the TCF Summit Chicago for testicular cancer.

The foundation’s delegation consisted of Bernadette and Edward Jones, Demo Salazar, Shareeff Williams and Rich Lomax. Dr. Pfanzelter, Mary Marron and Kevin Gray represented the hospital. On behalf of the foundation and Rush University Medical Center, we would like to thank you for making it possible to fulfill Tim’s wish.


Photos courtesy of Rush University Medical Center.

Timbuck2 Forever Test Drive 2018


While the foundation was preparing for the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever Tribute, we were approached about having a car wrapped with Tim's logo. An offer too good to be true! So, we said "Sure, why not!" Well, the offer turned out to be a dream come true! The folks at MINI of Chicago, located on west Diversey, came through in a big way. They allowed us access to several MINIs wrapped with the TimbuckII logo for transportation and promotional use for artists and staff during our year-end event. One of the vehicles was located at the entrance to the House of Blues for all to see at the Timbuck2 Forever Tribute and is pictured below. 

Terri Evans, Area Manager for MINI USA, was the inspirational lead along with Shareeff Williams and Rich Lomax. The collaboration ended with the Timbuck2 Forever Test Drive on Jan. 9, 2018. Despite snowy weather, MINI of Chicago hosted us to an evening of music, food and cars. The mood was set by our friend DJ Word and many TFJ Foundation attended, mingled and took test drives. Terri capped off the evening by presenting the foundation a $2,500 check donation. We would like to thank MINI of Chicago, Terri Evans and MINI USA for their generous support and look forward to working with them in the future. We hope that you will stop by and support our friends at MINI of Chicago.


Photos courtesy of MINI of Chicago and TFJ Foundation.

Timbuck2 Forever 2017

Video created by Miguel Cisneros. miguelc219 on Instagram and Twitter.

The third annual Timbuck2 Forever celebration was held at the House of Blues in Chicago. Timothy Francis Jones aka Dj Timbuck2 passed away from complications having to do with stage IV renal cell carcinoma in December of 2015. A foundation in his name has been set up to help bring awareness to men’s health and to encourage men to go to the doctor more often.

Grammy Award-winnng DJ Terry Hunter, Rich Medina, DJ Scratch and Pete rock lent their skills to the event to honor Tim. A pair of Nikes created in DJ Timbuck 2’s honor were created and will be auctioned off at his foundation’s site. The night ended with a surprise visit from Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon the Chef.

Before his death, Tim wrote a letter to his friends and family encouraging them to take care of their health.

“Your struggle is my struggle, and I’m here to fight with you. To the ones with too much pride, and don’t like going to the doctor because they are too proud and can handle it all, I have high hopes that my journey and story brings you back down to earth.” wrote Tim.

All words and images have been graciously provided by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre.

Remembering Timbuck2 - The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation with our own DJ Mike P

Remembering Timbuck2 - The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation with our own DJ Mike P, 12/20/17 11:44AM

Two years ago, the beloved DJ "Timbuck2" lost his life to cancer. He worked next to artists like Common, Kanye West, Vic Mensa, and more. Our DJ Mike P had the chance to sit down with Tim's good friend, DJ Boi Jeanius, to learn about the man he was and the legacy he left behind.

Article and video courtesy of WCIU TV's The Jam.

WGCI Morning Takeover 2017

We were proud to partner with 107.5 WGCI to promote the 2017 edition of the Timbuck2 Forever tribute. Over the course of two days, WGCI welcomed us into their studios to conduct interviews about our foundation and our year-end event. Our first stop was the popular "Chicago Morning Takeover" with Kyle Santillian, Kendra G and Leon Rodgers. You can watch the entire segment by clicking on the above link courtesy of WGCI. Long time supporter, Leon Rodgers, greeted us and introduced everyone to Kendra G and Kyle. Demo Salazar, Shareeff Williams, Rich Lomax and Bernadette and Ed Jones represented the foundation. The Takeover crew put us at ease and guided us through our very first media interview. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and we hope you will support them as you have supported us.

Our next stop was an interview with Darryl Dennard. Dennard is the distinguished news anchor and producer for WVAZ, WGCI and WGRB on iHeart Media. The experience of being interviewed by Darryl was a welcome education on how to get our message heard. Thank you, Darryl!

Day Two consisted of interviews with two of WGCI's best known on air personalities, Tone Kapone and DJ Moondawg. In two sessions, we discussed details about the Timbuck2 Forever tribute and explain the foundation's purpose and goals. It was a homecoming of sorts to return to the same studios Tim spent so much time. It was fitting that our last interview was with DJ Moondawg since he was Tim's on air co-host for the GoILL radio show that showcased Chicago talent such as Cool Kids, Rockie Fresh, Vic Mensa, and Chance the Rapper.

WGCI is the Chicago radio station that took a chance on a young turntablist in 2004 and helped DJ Timbuck2 display his unique style of music to listeners daily. By hiring Tim, who already had a large club presence, WGCI started a relationship that included the "Drive at 5" and "GoILL Radio" shows. This relationship lasted over 10 years until Tim's health made it impossible to perform. Our thanks go to WGCI and the radio personalities who helped us promote our event and spread our message to the Chicagoland area.

Video courtesy of 107.5 WGCI.


Clip created by PJ Jones.

Since revamping our website, we have worked hard at establishing partnerships with various organizations and businesses who are like-minded with our mission at the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Each of these groups have pledged support to our organization’s efforts to spread the message of proactive men’s healthcare among the underserved in our communities. We are privileged to recognize their support. We hope that you will return the honor by supporting them.

            St. Alfred

            Ava Grey Designs

            The Beauty Bar Chicago

            Ensure Healthcare Solutions

            The House of Blues Chicago            

            Lawyers for the Creative Arts

            Leaders 1354

            The Metro

            Overtime Sneaker Shop

            Rush University Medical Center

            University of Illinois (UI) Health

            107.5 WGCI


We are working to create more partnerships and will notify you as they are established. To learn more about our partners, you can go to the partners tab above.

Clicking the tab will bring up our partners logos and clicking on their logo will take you to their web or social media page.

Vic Mensa and Mitchell & Ness

This Timbuck2uesday was a special event. The house was packed for a night of fun on a beautiful summer evening. Philadelphia based Mitchell & Ness, presided over our weekly event at the Beauty Bar in Chicago. This well-established firm is a major purveyor of authentic vintage jerseys and apparel collections for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and MLS. With DJ Boi Jeanius as emcee, Mitchell & Ness presented the foundation with a donation that had special meaning. The check was for the amount of $1,981 honoring the year Tim was born. The check was presented on stage to members of the foundation who were in attendance.

To cap off the evening, Chicago born recording artist Vic Mensa stopped by to show support. Vic Mensa, who met Tim early in his career, performed several songs and spoke of his memories of Tim. His appearance brought the evening to a different level for an appreciative audience. Vic is currently touring and enjoying the success of his new album “Autobiography”.

We would like to thank Mitchell & Ness, the Beauty Bar, DJ Boi Jeanius, Shareeff Williams and Vic Mensa for their support. We hope you will check out and support our friends at Mitchell & Ness, the Beauty Bar and Vic Mensa.

Video created by Miguel Cisneros. miguelc219 on Instagram and Twitter.