Timbuck2 Forever 2016

Video created by Miguel Cisneros. miguelc219 on Instagram and Twitter.

An event honoring the late DJ Timbuck2 called Timbuck2 Forever was held at the Metro in Chicago recently. This is the second year for the event. Fans from around the world converged on the venue with good spirits ready to hear some of the best DJs around pay tribute to Tim. The event served as a fundraiser for the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. The foundation focuses on encouraging individuals, specifically men of color, to take their health seriously and go see the doctor. Tim passed away last year as a result of cancer.

“This is our way of getting the message out there: young men, specifically young men of color, need to be proactive about their health. They need to see doctors. There are so many people who have doctors and medical insurance and they don’t even use it. That’s our main push; we want people to get involved with their health and understand that this is something that is cool. We want people to share this with their children. The younger you start, the more ingrained it becomes. We do so many things that adversely affect our health. Going to the doctor is something you can do to help.” explained Ed Jones, DJ Timbuck2’s father.

As celebratory as the evening was, it took a serious turn when Tim’s mother delivered a sobering message about why it is so important for people to take care of themselves. She mentioned at one point during her video message that if Tim had been more active, she wouldn’t have to be delivering this message.

DJ Clark Kent and DJ Green Lantern flew in to pay tribute and tear the house down with their exceptional skills. The legendary rap group, EPMD, surprised the crowd with a performance as they treated them to some classics.

Timbuck2 Forever is a celebration of Tim’s life and his foundation is here to save lives.

All words and images have been graciously provided by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre.

Timbuck2 Forever 2015

Video courtesy of DJ Flipside.


December 30 in Chicago will forever be known as DJ TimBuck2 day, via a declaration from the Mayor’s office. This honor is an example of the impact of the late Timothy Francis Jones, aka DJ Timbuck2.

Jones recently passed away due to cancer. In a heartfelt open letter to his family and friends, he stresses the importance of taking care of ourselves and our health.

A celebration of his life, Timbuck2 Forever was held at Metro in Chicago. The city of Chicago came out three thousand strong to show their support for this legend. The crowd was a mixture of every race, age and ethnicity and speaks to the vast reach that Tim had as a Dj.

Super producer Just Blaze and legendary rap group De La Soul flew in to celebrate Tim’s life and spoke highly of who he was as a DJ and a friend.

The night was hosted by Good Music artist Holt, one of Tim’s best friends and it went off without a hitch. Twista, Vic Mensa, GLC and other Chicago notables provided the soundtrack for the night. The energy was high and Chicago showed up for one of their very own. This was a celebration for the history books. It truly was a beautiful night.

All words and images have been graciously provided by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre.