Black Culture Week, the HBCU softball tournament & the TFJ foundation

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Photos courtesy of TFJ Foundation.

On June 29, we were able to connect with T. J. Crawford and Black Culture Week at the south side’s beautiful Rainbow Beach Park. You may ask what is “Black Culture Week”? I believe their website describes it best.

“Black Culture Week is a time for the world to gather in unison to celebrate and commemorate Black Culture. It is also a time for people everywhere to intentionally collaborate and create new contributions to the culture.

From June 15th to June 23rd, ALL people, communities, corporations, organizations, and otherwise are invited to either produce or participate in some type of program dedicated to Black Culture.”

This year Black culture week featured a three-day wellness seminar focused on “how to successfully engage, heal and educate children and families who suffer from complex trauma”. During the seminar participants learned to recognize the signs of trauma and how to use various coping mechanisms to deal with the effects of that trauma. Many in the community maintain that just the strain of living in underserved conditions adversely contributes to an individual’s mental health (PTSD) and creates a domino effect in their physical well-being. Mental health awareness is trending upward in the black community as celebrities such as Common, Jay Z and Kanye West relate their experiences with mental wellness thus helping to dispel some of the cultural stigma around mental health.

The week was to conclude with the Black Culture Wellness Fest on June 22 but was postponed to the following Saturday. The delay did little to dampen the spirits of those who attended. The featured event was the 8th Annual HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Softball Tournament. Alumni, who bridged 50 years, represented a wide variety of HBCU’s such as Howard University, Jackson State University, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Tuskegee University. The family-oriented fest featured food, networking and music hosted by WGCI’s Leon Rodgers. The crowds were receptive to the foundation’s message of proactive men’s healthcare and often related their own experiences with the lack of health awareness among men.

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation truly enjoyed engaging with the community, all the HBCU alum and the other organizations who participated. We look forward to next year’s event and will keep you informed of our future activities.

Cancer Impacts All of Us: A Conversation With Survivors

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Photos courtesy of TFJ Foundation.

A meeting of the Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative (CCHEC) took place on June 1, 2019 at the University of Illinois at Chicago to mark National Cancer Survivors Day. Every first Sunday in June was designated National Cancer Survivors Day in 1987 to recognize those living with cancer and the people who support them. The event was spearheaded by Phyllis Rodgers of Peer Plus Education and Training Advocates and was attended by members of varied groups such as, the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the Blue Hat Foundation, and Janssen Research and Development as well as the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. All of these groups partner together with the CCHEC to bring community input into medical and cancer specific issues affecting underserved communities.

The gathering had a panel which consisted of Beverly Rogers, Angela Williams, Kennedy Parker, William Scott, Charlene Abrams and the director of U. of I.’s Cancer Survivorship Program, Dr. Susan Hong. All are cancer survivors and/or experts on cancer survival and research. The discussion was moderated by our friend, Dr. Karriem Watson of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. The discussion took on the feel of a family talking at their kitchen table as the panel, the audience and experts told their stories. Many of the lessons learned were exchanged and issues were identified in order to present them to authorities in medicine and politics. We’ll keep you posted on upcoming meetings and results. Please feel free to submit questions or suggestions on cancer issues that affect you. Send them to and we’ll do our best to get an answer for you.



Photos courtesy of Norton Advertising and TFJ Foundation.

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation made it’s first grant of 2019! This was the first grant from the foundation to Adler University, an accredited non-profit university. Adler trains it’s students in the field of mental health in accordance with their founder’s belief that their vocation should benefit the community. To that end, they require their students to apply what they have learned in real life situations through community service. Through Adler University, the students inject mental healthcare into existing organizations outreach efforts in underserved communities. Examples of those problems include social justice issues, re-integration of released inmates and counseling to victims of trauma. Some of the organizations that benefit from this work include Circuit Court of Cook County’s Juvenile & Child Protection Dept., St. Leonard’s Ministries, and Near North Health Services Corporation. All of these services are provided through donations or sponsorships.

The $5,000 grant is slated to support their Complex High Admission Management Program (CHAMP). This program focuses on patients with a high reoccurrence of hospital admissions. The CHAMP team working with patients develop individualized care plans and provide ongoing consultation to shorten the length of hospital stays and reduce the need for additional hospital readmissions.

The event took place at Adler University’s downtown Chicago campus on June 12, 2019. Those in attendance for the foundation were Ed and Bernadette Jones, PJ Jones, Jay Davis and Rich Lomax. Accepting the donation for the university were Mary Jo Lamparski, Heather Schuster, executive director Kevin Osten-Garner and President Raymond Crossman.

The presentation was followed by a working luncheon. Our groups discussed each other’s future projects and possible future collaborations.

Chapter 37:Jay Illa’s birthday bash


As many of you know, Chicago’s own DJ Jay Illa has a celebration for each of his birthdays. Each time he has encouraged donations to our foundation from those who planned to attend. Every year the growing popularity of his parties has produced a spike in donations and merchandise purchases for us and this year was no exception. Not only did we have an uptick in donations but Jay and the host venue, Per So Na, decided to donate the evening’s proceeds to further help our cause. With the help of host Leon Rogers, the event and online donations netted the foundation a sum of $1835.00.

This generosity comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Jay or Leon. Jay Illa aka James Davis was a fast friend of Tim’s ever since Jay shared an apartment with him. Despite holding down a day job, DJ’ing for the Chicago Bears’ games and growing national demands for his musical talents, Jay continues to find time to be a member and supporter of our foundation. Leon, like Jay, was a longtime friend of Tim having worked with him at WGCI. He is a Chicago fixture on the radio, television and stand-up comedy but takes every opportunity to promote our cause.

Thank you to Jay, Leon and everyone who came out. With friends like you we can’t possibly lose!


Tim's 37th birthday celebration


We had a great turn out for Tim's 37th birthday celebration at Timbuck2uesdays. Thanks to the folks at Beauty Bar for keeping us going and thanks to our foundation members who work so hard to keep Tim's spirit alive! It wouldn't have been a party last night without the friends, fans, celebrities & DJ's who came out. Finally, a special thank you to everyone across the country who posted remembrances of Tim this week. We're sure Tim loved it and so do we.

Ed & Bernie Jones

Tim’s Legacy

Foundation friends,

We would like to acknowledge everyone who has donated to our cause. Too often, you donate or make a purchase, receive a receipt and it seems your contribution is forgotten. We want you to know that it's not forgotten. We are revising our website to show you how your money is spent. We're also working to bring you the stories of men who heard our message and how their lives were dramatically affected by it. Your donations have helped us establish this foundation as a force to inform the underserved portions of our community about the importance of all forms of healthcare.

Those gifts via United Way, Amazon Smile, Network for Good and through our website don’t just help us survive, they reinvigorate the organizations we support. The University of Illinois and Rush University Medical Centers are making great strides in cancer treatment and pushing that research from the laboratory to the communities most in need of that treatment. Your dollars nourish our collaboration which helps them work on the cures and helps us in keeping you informed.

Again, thank you for your generosity but remember that our mission has only begun. We have been supported materially by companies that believe in our cause but over 90% of the financial support comes from people just like you. So, don’t stop supporting us and tell others about us.

Finally, support us by acting. It is the most important single action you can do. We can bring you the information but only you can put that information into use. Make a doctor’s appointment. Start walking more. Make some changes in your diet. Sit quietly for a few minutes and decompress. In the end, you are the only one who can change or even save your life. That’s a legacy that Tim would take pride in.

Nike Blazer honoring Timbuck2 sneak preview

As announced at the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, Nike has committed to creating a shoe to commemorate Timothy Jones, a.k.a. DJ Timbuck2. Being a serious sneaker head, Tim had hundreds of pairs of shoes but the Nike Blazer SB was Tim's shoe of choice. Tim was laid to rest wearing his beloved Blazers and it was only natural that Nike use it as the basis for a tribute to his memory. Nike has made a tradition of creating limited edition shoes revolving around notable individuals, causes and events involved in the community. We are so proud that the folks at Nike felt Tim's impact on Chicago deserved merit. This clip from the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute shows the sneak preview of the shoe and was captured by videographer, Miguel Cisneros. Special thanks to Charles Williams of Nike and Sharreeff Williams of Ten35 for making these shoes a reality. Enjoy the clip and watch for updates on the auction.   

University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center 2018

Photos courtesy of Courtney Colvin, UIC.

On April 11, 2018, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation presented another grant in Tim’s name. This was the second year a check was given to the University of Illinois Cancer Center which is where Tim participated in a clinical trial for his cancer. The fact that these trials and research are not free is often overlooked and the check for $5,000 will help support that research. At the presentation, Bernadette and Ed Jones, Demo Salazar, Rich Lomax and PJ Jones represented the foundation. Accepting for the university were Dr. Robert Winn, Dr. Susan Hong, Davyd Chung, Martha Carlos and Dr. Kareem Watson. Dr. Winn is director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center and a long time critic of the healthcare disparities in underserved communities. As a foundation partner, Dr. Winn spoke at the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute held at the House of Blues in Chicago on Dec. 19, 2017. Surrounded by a bevy of hip-hop celebrities, Dr. Winn engaged the audience with our common message of staying in touch with your health. You can see a portion of his advice and the great reaction to Dr. Winn’s message.

Our organization looks forward to working with Dr. Winn on improving the healthcare disparities in under-served areas and on bridging the gap that prevents research successes from reaching the community. Thank you to the University of Illinois Cancer Center for their hospitality and support. We especially thank all of you who helped make this grant possible.

Dr. Winn's message to you: "Stay Woke"

At the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, we had the privilege to have Dr. Robert Winn address the audience that attended. As those of you who follow us regularly know, Dr. Winn is an award-winning physician and scientist who is the associate vice chancellor for community-based practice and director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. His ideas on medical disparities and lack of inclusion in medical research for underserved urban communities helped us shape the mission of the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Dr. Winn's ability to relate science to every day health served the audience well as he encouraged everyone to "stay woke" to their personal health. He also let them know that the future is now for life saving treatments. Medical breakthroughs that may have saved Tim and many others are coming on line but we need to seek them out. We appreciate Dr. Winn's support of the foundation and hope that you will support his efforts in the community. Click on the links to learn more about his work.