Timbuck2 Forever 2017

The third annual Timbuck2 Forever celebration was held at the House of Blues in Chicago. Timothy Francis Jones aka Dj Timbuck2 passed away from complications having to do with stage IV renal cell carcinoma in December of 2015. A foundation in his name has been set up to help bring awareness to men’s health and to encourage men to go to the doctor more often.

Grammy Award-winnng DJ Terry Hunter, Rich Medina, DJ Scratch and Pete rock lent their skills to the event to honor Tim. A pair of Nikes created in DJ Timbuck 2’s honor were created and will be auctioned off at his foundation’s site. The night ended with a surprise visit from Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon the Chef.

Before his death, Tim wrote a letter to his friends and family encouraging them to take care of their health.

“Your struggle is my struggle, and I’m here to fight with you. To the ones with too much pride, and don’t like going to the doctor because they are too proud and can handle it all, I have high hopes that my journey and story brings you back down to earth.” wrote Tim.

All words and images have been graciously provided by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre.



Since revamping our website, we have worked at establishing partnerships with various organizations and businesses that are like-minded with the mission of the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Each of these groups have pledged support to our organization’s efforts to spread the message of proactive men’s healthcare among the underserved in our communities. We are privileged to recognize their support.

            St. Alfred

            Ava Grey Designs

            Beauty Bar

            Ensure Healthcare Solutions

            Lawyers for the Creative Arts

            Leaders 1354


            Overtime Sneaker Shop

            Rush University Medical Center

            University of Illinois (UI) Health



We are working to create more partnerships and will notify you as they are established. To learn more about our partners, you can go to the partners tab above.

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Our organization was honored to participate in the University of Illinois Health Cancer Center’s open discussion with the Lacks family.  The community discussion revolved around the legacy of Henrietta Lacks, a poor African-American woman, whose cells (HeLa cells) were taken without permission and used to foster major breakthroughs in medical research such as the cure for polio. Moderated by Dr. Karriem Watson, Mrs. Lacks descendants, Shirley Lacks, Jeri Lacks Whye and Veronica Robinson, spoke on several topics such as the need for families to own their family health history, to actively participate in healthcare and to move past mistrust of medical research.  Another panel, led by Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron of the National Institutes of Health, touched on bioethics, precision medicine and research, the importance of having an open two-way patient-doctor relationship and the need for competent, community-based healthcare.

The forum was proceeded by a luncheon attended by UI Health Cancer Center staff, the Lacks family, Patient Brigade members, state elected officials and several appointed state and federal officials. The discussion was followed by a book-signing event for “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”. The afternoon’s activities were concluded with a film screening of the HBO movie of the same name. For more interesting information on this event and pertinent information for your health, visit our friends on Twitter @UIHealthCancer, @AIDSChicago or on Facebook at UI Health Cancer Center or AIDS Chicago.

UI Health Cancer Center Patient Brigade / Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative

As a result of our March meeting with the University of Illinois Health Cancer Center, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation joined with UI Health Cancer Center Patient Brigade. The Brigade is composed of cancer patients, clinicians, researchers, and advocates who come together to learn about and discuss the challenges faced, lessons learned, and benefits of patient-centered cancer care research. We’ve been represented at several meetings by board members Rich Lomax and Demo Salazar. In the spirit of teamwork, Demo joined with members of the Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative today for a 5k walk in Grant Park. The Lurie Cancer Survivors Walk annually brings together cancer survivors, family and friends to celebrate the survivors’ journeys.  We will bring you more information on the Patient Brigade as it develops. You can visit us on Facebook at the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation, UI Health Cancer Center or Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative.

NHS 30th NeighborWorks - Community Resource Fair

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was proud to be a part of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago’s 30th NeighborWorks Day event - Community Resource Fair. The fair took place at the Montessori School of Englewood. Volunteers from a diverse group of companies and community organizations spent the morning working to improve the school’s garden. Lunch was provided and was followed by the resource fair. Booths were set up by ourselves, NHS, the Chicago Police Department, local banks and healthcare providers to provide information on services available to the community. Foundation supporters Shervon Coleman and Howard Bailey joined us. It was a beautiful day to spread our message about men's health and to make new friends. We look forward to working with NHS in the future. Find out more on Facebook at Montessori School of Englewood and Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago.

University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center

Thanks to your support, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was able to present another grant in Tim’s name on March 10, 2017. The University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center is the same hospital in which Tim participated in a drug trial under the direction of Dr. Arkadiusz Dudek. The fact that these trials and research are not free is often overlooked. The hospital, manufacturers, insurers and patients all contribute to cover costs. Foundation board members presented a check in the amount of $5,000 to the Cancer Center for their research. Accepting for the university were Dr. Robert Winn, Chancellor Robert Barish and Alberto Cabrales. Dr. Winn is director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

After the presentation, we collectively started a dialog on our common goal of making health care more effective in under-served areas. The meeting was attended by the foundation’s board, both Dr. Winn and Dudek and members of Dr. Winn’s staff. All parties left the discussion informed and the foundation for a long term partnership was laid. Our organization looks forward to working with Dr. Winn on improving the healthcare disparities in under-served areas.

Thank you to the University of Illinois Cancer Center for their hospitality and thanks to all of you who helped make this grant possible.

Rush University Medical Center

February 24, 2017 was a landmark date for the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. The day marked our organization’s initial step toward realizing Tim’s wish of bringing comfort to others fighting cancer.  It was only fitting that our group’s first contribution should be given to the place that helped bring comfort to Tim, Rush University Medical Center.

In a small ceremony at the Cancer Center’s 10th floor office, the foundation’s board members presented a check in the amount of $5,000 to Nicklas Pfanzelter, MD. Dr. Pfanzelter, who specializes in Oncology/Hematology at Rush, directed the treatment of Tim’s cancer and this donation is intended to help fund his research. The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation hopes the doctor will continue his great work in rendering comfort to his patients and progressing toward positive outcomes in the fight against cancer.

The presentation was a humbling experience for all who participated. It also produced a great amount of pride in our organization and all of the people who have supported us. Your support made this event possible and helps to keep Tim’s legacy alive. Thank you.

Timbuck2 Forever 2016

An event honoring the late DJ Timbuck2 called Timbuck2 Forever was held at the Metro in Chicago recently. This is the second year for the event. Fans from around the world converged on the venue with good spirits ready to hear some of the best DJs around pay tribute to Tim. The event served as a fundraiser for the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. The foundation focuses on encouraging individuals, specifically men of color, to take their health seriously and go see the doctor. Tim passed away last year as a result of cancer.

“This is our way of getting the message out there: young men, specifically young men of color, need to be proactive about their health. They need to see doctors. There are so many people who have doctors and medical insurance and they don’t even use it. That’s our main push; we want people to get involved with their health and understand that this is something that is cool. We want people to share this with their children. The younger you start, the more ingrained it becomes. We do so many things that adversely affect our health. Going to the doctor is something you can do to help.” explained Ed Jones, DJ Timbuck2’s father.

As celebratory as the evening was, it took a serious turn when Tim’s mother delivered a sobering message about why it is so important for people to take care of themselves. She mentioned at one point during her video message that if Tim had been more active, she wouldn’t have to be delivering this message.

DJ Clark Kent and DJ Green Lantern flew in to pay tribute and tear the house down with their exceptional skills. The legendary rap group surprised the crowd with a performance as they treated them to some classics.

Timbuck2 Forever is a celebration of Tim’s life and his foundation is here to save lives.

All words and images have been graciously provided by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre.