University of Illinois Cancer Center 2019 donation


Photo courtesy of UIC & TFJ Foundation.

For the third consecutive year, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation has been able to make donations to organizations that are making strides in cancer research and healthcare disparities. One of the organizations that has loomed large in our foundation’s short history has been the University of Illinois Cancer Center. Ever since we heard Dr. Robert Winn speak to a small audience in a westside alderman’s office, we knew our mission was the correct one and our direction was set. Just as they guided Tim through their clinical trial, their guidance has helped us come to an understanding of what the foundation’s role in medical advocacy should be.

On July 25, 2019, it was our honor to present UIC Cancer Center with a check in the amount of $5,000 for cancer research. In attendance for the university were Dr. Robert Winn and Dr. Karriem Watson. The foundation was represented by Rich Lomax and Bernadette and Edward Jones. Brainstorming over lunch, each side discussed strategies to maximize our efforts to meet mutual goals. Among those goals were the best use of your donations to cancer research and increasing cross-over participation in activities that will highlight areas such as engagement between research and community, awareness on healthcare disparities and promoting proactive participation in healthcare by those most in need.

As many of you know, one of Tim’s wishes was to give comfort to those suffering as he did during his battle with cancer. This wish gave birth to the foundation and consequently our mission to educate men about the need to proactively use healthcare to prevent negative outcomes. Thanks to the contributions of volunteers, partners and your donations and purchases, this donation was possible. With your continued support, we will do even more to make Tim’s wish a reality.