Timbuck2 Forever Test Drive 2018


While the foundation was preparing for the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever Tribute, we were approached about having a car wrapped with Tim's logo. An offer too good to be true! So, we said "Sure, why not!" Well, the offer turned out to be a dream come true! The folks at MINI of Chicago, located on west Diversey, came through in a big way. They allowed us access to several MINIs wrapped with the TimbuckII logo for transportation and promotional use for artists and staff during our year-end event. One of the vehicles was located at the entrance to the House of Blues for all to see at the Timbuck2 Forever Tribute and is pictured below. 

Terri Evans, Area Manager for MINI USA, was the inspirational lead along with Shareeff Williams and Rich Lomax. The collaboration ended with the Timbuck2 Forever Test Drive on Jan. 9, 2018. Despite snowy weather, MINI of Chicago hosted us to an evening of music, food and cars. The mood was set by our friend DJ Word and many TFJ Foundation attended, mingled and took test drives. Terri capped off the evening by presenting the foundation a $2,500 check donation. We would like to thank MINI of Chicago, Terri Evans and MINI USA for their generous support and look forward to working with them in the future. We hope that you will stop by and support our friends at MINI of Chicago.


Photos courtesy of MINI of Chicago and TFJ Foundation.