U of I Health Cancer Center Patient Brigade / Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative

Photos courtesy of Lurie Cancer Center, Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative and Demo Salazar.

As a result of our March meeting with the University of Illinois Health Cancer Center, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation joined with UI Health Cancer Center Patient Brigade. The Brigade is composed of cancer patients, clinicians, researchers, and advocates who come together to learn about and discuss the challenges faced, lessons learned, and benefits of patient-centered cancer care research. We’ve been represented at several meetings by board members Rich Lomax and Demo Salazar. In the spirit of teamwork, Demo joined with members of the Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative today for a 5k walk in Grant Park. The Lurie Cancer Survivors Walk #LurieCelebrates annually brings together cancer survivors, family and friends to celebrate the survivors’ journeys.  We will bring you more information on the Patient Brigade as it develops. You can visit us on Facebook at the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation, UI Health Cancer Center or Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative.

Video created by Lurie Cancer Center for their 2015 Cancer Survivors' Celebration Walk & 5K.