University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center 2017

Thanks to your support, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was able to present another grant in Tim’s name on March 10, 2017. The University of Illinois at Chicago Cancer Center is the same hospital in which Tim participated in a drug trial under the direction of Dr. Arkadiusz Dudek. The fact that these trials and research are not free is often overlooked. The hospital, manufacturers, insurers and patients all contribute to cover costs. Foundation board members presented a check in the amount of $5,000 to the Cancer Center for their research. Accepting for the university were Dr. Robert Winn, Chancellor Robert Barish and Alberto Cabrales. Dr. Winn is director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

After the presentation, we collectively started a dialog on our common goal of making health care more effective in under-served areas. The meeting was attended by the foundation’s board, both Dr. Winn and Dudek and members of Dr. Winn’s staff. All parties left the discussion informed and the foundation for a long term partnership was laid. Our organization looks forward to working with Dr. Winn on improving the healthcare disparities in under-served areas.

Thank you to the University of Illinois Cancer Center for their hospitality and thanks to all of you who helped make this grant possible.