Chapter 37:Jay Illa’s birthday bash


As many of you know, Chicago’s own DJ Jay Illa has a celebration for each of his birthdays. Each time he has encouraged donations to our foundation from those who planned to attend. Every year the growing popularity of his parties has produced a spike in donations and merchandise purchases for us and this year was no exception. Not only did we have an uptick in donations but Jay and the host venue, Per So Na, decided to donate the evening’s proceeds to further help our cause. With the help of host Leon Rogers, the event and online donations netted the foundation a sum of $1835.00.

This generosity comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Jay or Leon. Jay Illa aka James Davis was a fast friend of Tim’s ever since Jay shared an apartment with him. Despite holding down a day job, DJ’ing for the Chicago Bears’ games and growing national demands for his musical talents, Jay continues to find time to be a member and supporter of our foundation. Leon, like Jay, was a longtime friend of Tim having worked with him at WGCI. He is a Chicago fixture on the radio, television and stand-up comedy but takes every opportunity to promote our cause.

Thank you to Jay, Leon and everyone who came out. With friends like you we can’t possibly lose!