Dr. Winn's message to you: "Stay Woke"

At the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, we had the privilege to have Dr. Robert Winn address the audience that attended. As those of you who follow us regularly know, Dr. Winn is an award-winning physician and scientist who is the associate vice chancellor for community-based practice and director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. His ideas on medical disparities and lack of inclusion in medical research for underserved urban communities helped us shape the mission of the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Dr. Winn's ability to relate science to every day health served the audience well as he encouraged everyone to "stay woke" to their personal health. He also let them know that the future is now for life saving treatments. Medical breakthroughs that may have saved Tim and many others are coming on line but we need to seek them out. We appreciate Dr. Winn's support of the foundation and hope that you will support his efforts in the community. Click on the links to learn more about his work.