Nike Blazer honoring Timbuck2 sneak preview

As announced at the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute, Nike has committed to creating a shoe to commemorate Timothy Jones, a.k.a. DJ Timbuck2. Being a serious sneaker head, Tim had hundreds of pairs of shoes but the Nike Blazer SB was Tim's shoe of choice. Tim was laid to rest wearing his beloved Blazers and it was only natural that Nike use it as the basis for a tribute to his memory. Nike has made a tradition of creating limited edition shoes revolving around notable individuals, causes and events involved in the community. We are so proud that the folks at Nike felt Tim's impact on Chicago deserved merit. This clip from the 3rd Annual Timbuck2 Forever tribute shows the sneak preview of the shoe and was captured by videographer, Miguel Cisneros. Special thanks to Charles Williams of Nike and Sharreeff Williams of Ten35 for making these shoes a reality. Enjoy the clip and watch for updates on the auction.